Russ Whitney – Helping people become rich

Are you one among them who is living the days paying debts on credit cards and paychecks? Are you looking for opportunities to become rich and settle in the long run? Have you had inexperienced investments made that reaped no fruit in the end? Are you looking for an expert advice that will carry you through in investments? Here is a gentleman who knows everything about investments and how they will reap the deserved profits.


“With real estate, there’s no question you can amass the most amount of money in the least amount of time” says Russ Whitney the popular real estate investor and mentor. Having made a profit of $4.7 million from an initial borrowed investment of $1,000 within a span of just 18 months, Russ Whitney personally believes that real estate is the fastest and safest way to build wealth. Russ had made profits out of investments that never seemed to appear promising. Whitney has made $15,000 profits from horrible looking houses that no one would think of buying.

His experience in real estate investment reveals that real estate is an investment that can be monitored and controlled. Real estate value rises over time and can be actually forced up. Russ Whitney applies a sensible mathematical strategy to investments, to know in prior if investments would make profit later or not. His craving to become rich started when he faced all the difficulties at a early stage in his life.

Russ Whitney’s real estate investing experience and mentoring has helped people become rich within a short span of time. People who have come across Russ Whitney’s mentoring and real estate investing experiences have said, “Russ Whitney has changed my life.” Another testimony from a woman who recently invested in seven real estate properties within a span of just six months proves that Russ Whitney is the real estate guru who is out there to help people get richer.

Russ offers his building wealth techniques in his easy to make money workshops. The admission to the real estate workshop is free along with “Russ Whitney’s Building wealth entrepreneur start up kit”. The workshop offers the invaluable expertise that can help your investments reap value.

Russ Whitney has also shared his knowledge in many of his books that are sold at a reasonable price. His all time famous book named “Building Wealth” is the masterpiece among all the other books written by him. In building wealth, Whitney explains about the techniques that are required in real estate investing and shares his personal experiences about his investments that reaped huge amounts of profits.

Apart from being a real estate investor and mentor, Russ Whitney has also written a book that instills a life changing experience for many. In his recent book “Inner Voice” Russ Whitney talks about inner passion and voice that pushes everyone to do something in life. He builds hope and faith within the reader to achieve one’s goals in life. Russ Whitney and is his expert advice is all out there for people to experience and become rich.

Russ Whitney – Property Buying Tips


Buying property is not only one of the key investments you’ll make, but also one of the most thrilling ones. Russ whiney is one of the famous real estate investor, Entrepreneur, philanthropist and bestselling author, is a classic American success story. Now we can see some important property buying tips provided by him.

Know Your Budget

First and primary, you need to have capital available to use as a deposit. After that you can consider scouting for that perfect home by establishing what your funds will be to avoid any disappointment.

Finding the Correct Home

When buying property in your area, or anywhere in the world for that matter, location plays a major role in the decision. The reason for purchasing property will influence your choice of region. Once you’ve found your ideal property, make your offer. Remember that the purchase price listed is not cast in stone, so don’t be afraid to negotiate in order to get yourself the best deal possible.

Inspection of Property

You are well within your rights to have the property inspected, so you can use it. By having the property inspected first, should any major defects be found, you can still change your mind.


Before finalizing the bond, have insurance lined up. As with mortgage advisors, it would be advisable to source which products and deals suit your personal needs best. This can simply be done online by requesting quotes from dissimilar insurance companies and making your choice upon the results of your request.

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Russ Whitney-Tips for Launching Real Estate Career


Russ Whitney is a recognized international leader in the business, real estate investment, and financial training fields. He is an author of more than 300 books including Building wealth and Millionaire mind set. Inner voice: Unlock your purpose and passion is his latest book. Now we can see that Russ Whitney’s tips for launching real estate career.


If you are going to be successful at anything in life including real estate investing you have to have the wish to do it. Desire is defined as longing or craving, as for something that brings pleasure or enjoyment.

Goal Setting:

Having goals is one of the most important aspects of achieving what you want in existence. You want to review your goals daily and read them out loud to yourself. This way you remind yourself each day why you are building your business.


Knowledge builds confidence and destroys fear and if you are starting any kind of business you need to study the ins and outs of that business. The best way to learn about real estate investing is to study all about it. But once you recognize it you have to apply what you have learned.

Find a Guide:

Having a mentor to help you can be your major learning experience. Mentors can help you with any questions you may have, walk you step by step throughout the investing process give you good support and also network you with others in the business.

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Russ Whitney -Building Wealth for Financial Success


Entrepreneur, philanthropist and bestselling author, Russ Whitney, is a classic American success story. He is the author of more than 300 books like building Wealth, Millionaire Real Estate Mentor, and The Millionaire Real Estate Mindset. His latest book is Inner voice, accepted world widely.

Since its first release a decade ago, Building Wealth called an vital guidebook for everyone dreaming of something better by Business Times has shown thousands of people how to get rich in the real estate market, based on the proven techniques that took Russ Whitney from working in a slaughterhouse as a high school dropout to a millionaire investor and entrepreneur.

Russ Whitney’s successes and failures have been very publicly chronicled, but not forever with total accuracy. On these pages, we present the reality about Russ Whitney the complete, unvarnished, astonishing and not always flattering truth.

The back cover of Building Wealth says, Russ Whitney was a twenty-year-old high school dropout working in a slaughterhouse for five dollars an hour when he set out to become a millionaire.

The step-by-step guide demonstrates exactly how to apply building wealth principles and strategies on a daily basis in order to be free of anxiety, frustration, fear, doubt, guilt, and shame so that you can have the spectacular life your Creator intended for you.

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Russ Whitney Real Estate – Investment Significance


Real estate that generates income or is otherwise planned for investment purposes rather than as a primary residence. It is common for investors to own several pieces of real estate, one of which serves as a main residence, while the others are used to make rental income and profits through price approval.

Russ Whitney worked through his Inner Voice letting people much easier to think about their goals and obvious in their life. His first mission is to spread Inner Voice principles to the world. Some of the common examples of investment properties are apartment buildings and rental houses, in which the owners do not exist in the residential units, but use them to make continuing rental income from tenants.

Real estate investing has become quite popular in recent years due to rising property values and low notice rates. Deflation in property values or a sharp increase in interest rates would dampen the marketplace significantly.

Russ Whitney helps people by letting them mature to a states-person stage of life as well as being one of the best businessman by investing all small incomes. Russ Whitney’s mission goes far beyond teaching how to make money and succeed in business. He has found the peace and joy that comes with knowing your true purpose and wants to share that with you.

Russ Whitney- Guidance for foreclosure Investing

Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney is recognized worldwide as a leader in the real estate investment-training field. He is a best-seller author and investor has been helping a lot of regular people reclaim their lives and make personal financial freedom by implementing his real estate systems for success.

Foreclosure investment is the process of investing capital in the public sale of a mortgaged property following foreclosure of the loan secured by those assets. The foreclosure market is a huge place to find out reasonable properties for investment.

This is a good time to step into the foreclosure marketplace and you should check the foreclosed home before you quote a rate or bid on the property. Investors in any real property investment should have a specific strategy that includes the goals and approach for acquiring the property, holding the investment and disposing of the investment.

Russ Whitney is also the best selling author of Millionaire Real Estate Mentor and he mentioned in that try to estimate the price required making the residence livable. You must decide whether the foreclosure occurred as a result of some unique condition or is the result of a trend that may influence the market in which the property is located.