Russ Whitney -Things to know about Real Estate Agents


A real estate agent can provide many career opportunities.You may start out working for a small or large company, and progress to managing your own firm with additional agents.Dealing with the property work is extremely very difficult unless you have proper knowledge about the methodologies.

Selling properties needs a reliable buyer ready to pay the right value of the house. The entire procedure is never easy until you get hold of an experienced professional.Real estate agents make a better choice as they have enough knowledge to deal with this situation and offer a desirable resolution in a very less time.

Real estate agents are into this business they have a clear idea about the potential buyers. They make every possible effort of acquiring the right value even in the worst market condition.When you hire an experience, you can stay assured about the paperwork.

A trained agent possesses more ability to sort the paperwork that come when you deal with the property.A skilled and successful agent with their experience gains lot of contacts that becomes a help for the sellers.

Similarly an advantage of hiring a knowledgeable expert for your property can get lot of experience and help sellers to sell houses at a right price. So hire them to eliminate the hassle while selling.

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Real Estate Commission for Sellers-Russ Whitney


Most real estate agents bill sellers approximately six percent of the  sales price. Russ Whitney says nearly nine out of 10 real estate agents work on commission, and are paid only when the transaction closes. Real estate agents are the only who work this way.

According to the licensing law, Russ Whitney states that only licensed brokers or agents have the legal responsibilities of operating the brokerage.They can negotiate contracts, it’s the broker’s company name and signature on the listing contract.

Commissions are paid according to the terms of two contracts – the listing agreement and the sales contract.The five, six or seven percent commission that is negotiated is given to the listing agent, or listing broker.

The listing broker discloses the terms of the commissions to other competing brokers, so they will bring their buyers to the listing.When the buyer’s broker presents a contract to the seller, it will include a provision to collect their share of sales commission which is split in four ways:

  • Listing broker or agent
  • Listing salesperson
  • Buyer’s broker or agent
  • Buyer’s salesperson

At closing, the listing agent is paid by the escrow agent out of the seller’s proceeds,when the buyer’s loan is funded by the lender. The listing agent, pays the buyer’s agent share of the sales commission.All commissions are negotiable says Russ Whitney, but sellers should keep in mind that commissions are incentives.