Russ Whitney:Ideas For Producers About Brokerage Model

Russ-Whitney-Ideas-For-Producers-About-Brokerage-ModelThe Top performing real estate brokers have been dreaming of having the business benefits.The “new brokerage model” makes it possible for producers to transform from a “salesperson” to a “business person.” This opportunity is made possible by the latest advancements in technology and behavioral changes both in consumers and real estate professionals.

This new business model will give the owner of the brokerage a greater opportunity to focus on the sales of business.In order to bring a deal the biggest challenge for a business owner is unpredictability.The expenses like phone bills, internet bill, utility bills, office supplies, etc., can fluctuate greatly and unexpectedly.

The unpredictability of business is the main reasons that brokers do not take action and open their own brokerage. The brokerage model, not only does it fix your monthly operating expenses at a very low amount but also gives you confidence.

Thus the Topmost producing real estate professionals have always preferred to establish something of their own for many different reasons.This new brokerage model offers the best of making you an “owner” with no commitments and providing an exception for business growth and expansion of future business endeavors.

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