Russ Whitney- Guidance for foreclosure Investing

Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney is recognized worldwide as a leader in the real estate investment-training field. He is a best-seller author and investor has been helping a lot of regular people reclaim their lives and make personal financial freedom by implementing his real estate systems for success.

Foreclosure investment is the process of investing capital in the public sale of a mortgaged property following foreclosure of the loan secured by those assets. The foreclosure market is a huge place to find out reasonable properties for investment.

This is a good time to step into the foreclosure marketplace and you should check the foreclosed home before you quote a rate or bid on the property. Investors in any real property investment should have a specific strategy that includes the goals and approach for acquiring the property, holding the investment and disposing of the investment.

Russ Whitney is also the best selling author of Millionaire Real Estate Mentor and he mentioned in that try to estimate the price required making the residence livable. You must decide whether the foreclosure occurred as a result of some unique condition or is the result of a trend that may influence the market in which the property is located.

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